Press relase of EGU

Last week the General Assembly 2019 of EGU was held in Vienna Austria. Four of our lab, Han Wang, Shengchao Qiao, Huiying Xu and Yunke Peng, took part in this meeting. In this meeting, Han Wang worked as one of the co-conveners of session ‘Plant traits, adaptation and biogeochemical cycles-from measurements to models’, with her project ‘Quantitative prediction of leaf economic’ presented by I. Colin Prentice. And also, Yunke had an oral ‘A theory of plant function explains leaf-trait and productivity response to elevation’ in this session. Shengchao presented his project ‘A theory and data based model of wheat yield’ as a poster. EGU as a gathering of scientists, many interesting researches were presented and a good opportunity we could get to face to face with famous scientists, such as I. Colin Prentice, Sandy P. Harrison, Belinda Medlyn etc. At EGU, we were occupied by exciting seminars and deeply impressed by their knowledge and love for science.

Many topics were covered at general assembly of EGU. And this year, carbon dynamic, plant traits and response to climate, modelling agricultural ecosystem etc. became the hottest topics in biogeosciences. Seminars on these topics were most popular.

 Not only were the gains of academic great, but we also had a happy trip in Vienna. A very nice dinner with Harrison- Prentice extended group, an intoxicating concert at Golden Hall and a rewarding museum visit.


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