LPICEA Science Club


At the LPICEA science club, the group members discuss recent published papers or update their research progresses. Early career scientists from other labs are also invited to give talks about their researches. Feel free to join us, if you’re interested.

When and where

Every Friday at 4 PM, Beijing Time
S825, MengMinwei Science Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing; or online (contact xuhy19@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn for meeting ID)

Upcoming events

10/11, paper discussion
Review of midday depression of photosynthesis


27/10, invited talk
David Sandoval, PostDoc, Imperial College London
The temperature dependence of ecosystem intrinsic-quantum yield

20/10, paper discussion
Biogeographic regionalization: The geographic structure of biodiversity and a macroscale picture of its evolution with Earth’s history

13/10, invited talk
Pascal Schneider, PhD candidate, University of Bern
Photosynthesis acclimates to warming through predictable changes in photosynthetic capacities, stomatal sensitivity and enzyme kinetic
Photosynthesis acclimates to warming through predictable changes in photosynthetic capacities, stomatal sensitivity and enzyme kinetic

22/9, paper discussion
Phylogenetically conservative trait correlation: Quantification and interpretation

15/9, paper discussion
Effect of climate warming on the timing of autumn leaf senescence reverses after the summer solstice

8/9, invited talk
Wu Sun, Postdoctoral Research Associate from Michalak Lab, Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science. Biome-scale temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration revealed by atmospheric CO2 observations.

1/9, invited talk
Aiyu Zheng, Princeton University, Pacala Lab at Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. The enigmas of bamboo biology explained as a strategy to arrest succession.

25/8, paper discussion
Ideas and perspectives: how coupled is the vegetation to the boundary layer?
Stomatal Control of Transpiration: Scaling Up from Leaf to Region

4/8, paper discussion
Consistency of demographic trade-offs across 13 (sub)tropical forests.
The interspecific growth–mortality trade-off is not a general framework for tropical forest community structure

28/07, paper discussion
Basin-wide variation in tree hydraulic safety margins predicts the carbon balance of Amazon forests

21/7 paper discussion
Remote‐Sensing Derived Trends in Gross Primary Production Explain Increases in the CO2 Seasonal Cycle Amplitude

14/7 invited talk
Yibiao Zou, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
The evidence and global extent of alternative stable states in forest leaf phenology

07/7 paper discussion
What we talk about when we talk about the long-term carbon cycle

9/6-30/6 LPICEA go to fieldwork after 3 years!

2/6, paper discussion
Light competition drives herbivore and nutrient effects on plant diversity

24/5, invited talk
Pengcheng He, research associate, http://sourcedb.scib.cas.cn/zw/rck/202301/t20230111_6598393.html

19/5, PhD evaluation
Yanghang Ren & Huiying Xu

11/5, invited talk
Yuan Yu, Optimality theory revisited:What plant optimality will natural selection result in?

21/4, Zijing Forum
Ensheng Weng, Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University, USA
Game theoretic vegetation modeling: from theoretical analysis to application in Earth system models.

14/4, research updata
All members of LPICEA, Annual Meeting

24/3, research update
Zeyu Feng, Modelling the impact of vegetation adaptation/acclimation on global carbon-climate feedback

17/3, invited talk
Jiekun He, Biogeography and ecology of Hainan Island, as well as some experience exchange of field work on Hainan Island

10/3, invited talk
Qi Zhang, How to write good stories, from the perspective of editor.

3/3, paper discussion
Runxi Wang, A function-based typology for Earth’s ecosystems (Keith et al., Nature, 2022)

24/2, paper discussion
Ziqi Zhu, Phenological physiology: seasonal patterns of plant stress tolerance in a changing climate (Grossman, New Phytologist, 2023)

17/2, invited talk
Yabo Shi, Functional traits and functional diversity of plants in warm shrub communities and their response mechanisms to the environment

10/2, invited talk
Jianhong Zhou, Study on plant functional traits phenotypic plasticity and genetic adaptability under climate change


23/12, paper discussion
Emergent phases of ecological diversity and dynamics mapped in microcosms.

16/12, paper discussion
Presence or absence of stabilizing Earth system feedbacks on different time scales.

9/12, research update
Han Zhang, Long-neglected stem respiration has thermal acclimation at the global scale.

2/12, invited talk
Dameng Zhang, Verification and comparing of models based on optimality.

25/11, invited talk
Hao Yu, Basic concepts and framework of hte Couplers.

18/11, joint meeting
With Yanhao Feng’s Lab in Lanzhou University, Response of multiple plant traits to warming experiment.

28/10, research update
Zeyu Feng, Improve the carbon cycle simulation process of Hector, a simple climate model, based on EEO theory.

21/10, invited talk
Assistant Prof. Benjamin Stocker, University of Bern, https://stineb.netlify.app
Towards a predictive science of climate impacts on vegetation

14/10, research update
Lewei Jin, Driving mechanisms and quantitative simulations of the distribution of evergreen and deciduous plants

07/10, invited talk
David Sandoval, Imperial College London
Estimating transpiration costs using data from SapFLuxNet

06/10, invited talk
Rosie Fisher, Center for International Climate Research (CICERO)
Vegetation demographics in Earth system models: a status update and a strategy for acceleration.

23/09, paper discussion
Senapati et al. 2022 Global wheat production could benefit from closing the genetic yield gap

16/09, invited talk
Wenyao Gan, Uncertainties in vegetation modelling: a journey from terrestrial to satellite observations

09/09, invited talk
Haozhi Ma, ETH, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Haozhi-Ma
The global distribution and environmental drivers of aboveground versus belowground plant biomass

02/09, invited talk
Aliénor Lavergne, Associate Editor at Springer Nature, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alienor-Lavergne
The prediction of C3/C4 plant competition and how it affects gross primary production and plant isotopic discrimination

12/8, paper discussion
Senapati et al. 2022 Global wheat production could benefit from closing the genetic yield gap

29/7, invited talk
Rui Tang, Beijing Normal University
Increasing terrestrial ecosystem carbon release in response to autumn cooling and warming.

29/7, paper discussion
Hu et al. 2022 Decoupling of greenness and gross primary productivity as aridity decreases

8/7, invited talk
Yuan Yu, Peking University
The maximum net carbon profit hypothesis may help us understand, explain and predict plants acclimation strategies to different environment.

1/7, invited talk
Dr. Mengguang Han, Peking University
Root traits and rhizosphere processes of tree species

24/06, invited talk
Dr. Mirindi Eric Dusenge, Postdoctoral Associate within the Centre for climate change, sustainable livelihoods and health at Western University Canada
Acclimation of photosynthesis and leaf respiration to warming and elevated CO2 in experimental field studies

17/06, paper discussion
Alkama et al. 2022 Vegetation-based climate mitigation in a warmer and greener World

10/06, paper discussion
Bauman et al. 2022 Tropical tree mortality has increased with rising atmospheric water stress

20/05, invited talk
Ruijie Ding, Imperial College London, Optimal trait theory: testing predictions on the Northeast China Transect

13/05, invited talk
Lewei Jin, East China Normal University, Herb layer affects the relationship between common tree species diversity and insect herbivory pattern in subtropical forests

29/04, research update
Huiying Xu, Understanding and predicting Huber value variation along climate gradient

4/15, invited talk
Shen Tan, Peking University

4/8, research update
Han Zhang, The thermal acclimation of stem respiration at global scale

4/1, invited talk
Yunke Peng, ETH Zürich, https://computationales.ethz.ch/people/person-detail.MjczNTI1.TGlzdC8zNTE3LC0zMTY1NDM4MDg=.html
Open science practice on processing environmental science data

3/25, paper discussion
Zhang et al. 2021 Exacerbated drought impacts on global ecosystems due to structural overshoot

3/18, paper discussion
Collalti et al. 2018 Plant respiration: Controlled by photosynthesis or biomass?

3/11, paper discussion
Mathias and Trugman et al. 2022 Climate change impacts plant carbon balance, increasing mean future carbon use efficiency but decreasing total forest extent at dry range edges

3/4, paper discussion
Schnabel et al. 2021, Species richness stabilizes productivity via asynchrony and drought-tolerance diversity in a large-scale tree biodiversity experiment

2/25, invited talk
Dr. Benjamin Dechant, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research
Global upscaling of key foliar traits: comparing existing approaches and disentangling the roles of landcover and environmental predictors

1/7, research update
Dr. Jian Zhou, a demographic disequilibrium theory of forest size structure dynamics


12/28, research update
Shengchao Qiao, Optimality-based modeling of wheat sowing dates at global scale

12/22, paper discussion
Humphrey et al. 2021 Soil moisture–atmosphere feedback dominates land carbon uptake variability

12/17, paper discussion
Lesk et al. Stronger temperature–moisture couplings exacerbate the impact of climate warming on global crop yields

12/10, invited talk
Juepeng Zheng, Tsinghua University

12/03, paper discussion
Liu et al. 2020 Soil moisture dominates dryness stress on ecosystem production globally

11/26, research update
Dr. Jian Zhou, 封闭系统碳循环的平衡点和稳定性

11/19, invited talk
Dr. Jiangong Liu, Seoul National University https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Liu-Jiangong
Widespread thermal acclimation of canopy photosynthesis

11/12, paper discussion
Zhang et al. Can vegetation optical depth reflect changes in leaf water potential during soil moisture dry-down events?
Konings et al. Global variations in ecosystem-scale isohydricity

11/05, paper discussion
Arp et al. 2020 Quieting a noisy antenna reproduces photosynthetic light-harvesting spectra

10/30, research update
Ziqi Zhu, Seasonal scale variation of vegetation cover in Tibetan Plateau

10/29, invited talk
Dr. Jaideep Joshi, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis https://iiasa.ac.at/staff/staff.php?type=auto&visibility=visible&search=true&login=joshi
Towards a unified theory of plant photosynthesis and hydraulics

Johnston et al. 2021 Temperature thresholds of ecosystem respiration at a global scale –


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