Good luck to Yunke Peng on his PhD journey at ETH!

After suffering the anxiety of waiting for more than half year, our ghost member Yunke Peng got a PhD offer from ETH! He is going to work with our collaborator Beni Stocker at ETH ( to understand and predict the dynamics of global carbon and nitrogen cycles based on the optimality principles. This PhD project is a natural extension of his master project with Colin Prentice on predicting the variations in leaf traits and productivity from first-principles along the Peru elevation transect (

We met Yunke during our first field trip in Gongga Mountain two years ago. At that time, he was doing master with Colin. He was so enthusiastic about plant that volunteered to join the field trip to help with the photosynthesis measurements. He is also good at writing and film making. The film he made for our first Gongga trip save us lots of treasurable memory. In the past two years, we witnessed the growth-up of Yunke. He is still the enthusiastic and persistent we knew, but now much more patient and learnt how to cope with the anxiety that could always occur to an early career scientist.

Good luck, Yunke! Wish you have a wonderful journey at ETH.

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