Farewell Wenjie! And welcome Jian!


After doing a postcod research on phenology for almost 1.5 years in LPICEA, wenjie successfully found a position in Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology. He is going to conitnue carrying out scientific research but also to do some administration work. We wish Wenjie and his family settle down well in Nanjing and have a wonderful new journey there 😉

Almost at the same time, LPICEA have a new member Jian ZHOU joined! Actually, Jian got his PhD from DESS, Tsinghua working on the theory of carbon isotope discrimination. He then did the postdoc research in Peking University working on functional diversity. Jian is intersted in ecological theory, and particularly interested in understanding the ecological processes from first principles. Obviously, he is also a big fan of applying the logical deduction in ecological research, sharing the same research concepts as LPICEA members. Welcome home, Jian!


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