Congratulations to Shengchao and Huiying on passing the PhD Candidacy Examination!

To test the student’s breadth and depth of knowledge in earth system science, the second- or third-year students in DESS are required to do an PhD Candidacy Examination before they are quantified to conduct their research as a PhD candidate. In this examination, the students are required to give a presentation on the literatures they reviewed, the courses they took, and possibly their on-going research projects as well.  

On 24 September, Shengchao and Huiying gave their 20-minute presentations on crop modelling and plant function trait tradeoffs respectively for their PhD Candidacy examination. After properly addressing the questions from professor Kun Yang, professor Le Yu and professor Wei Li in DESS, Tsinghua and also from professor Shushi Peng in Peking University, Shengchao and Huiying were quantified as PhD candidates!

Congratulations to them and good luck to their PhD journey!


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